We offer a comfortable business environment with 2Mbps Broadband DSL Internet Connection.........                  


SBC Business Center/Serviced Office is located in Makati City.

Small Office with high-speed 2Mbps ADSL Internet in Manila
We offer:
Windows XP installed high-grade Personal Computers,
High-speed ADSL Internet, personal desk for 5 pesos for 5 min., 400 pesos a day.

PC-to-PC webcam live video is available.

Instant office with high-speed DSL internet access available for P5,000/month.

Specification of personal computers used:
Pentium III/256 MB SD Memory/20 GB Hard Disk/CD-RW drive/15" LCD Monitor

Scanner/Color printer/Laser printer/USB Camera (Webcam)
International IP-phone is also available.

Business hour: 9:30am-6:30pm(Mon.-Fri.) Closed on Sat.&Holidays.

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  Dawn of Makati, Mandaluyong City

  JaeM (Proprietress)

ImPhone Sales Office Makati

DSL2Mbps High-Velocity Internet Connection
●Pentium III  ● 256MB SDRAM Memory  ●20 GB Hard Disk          ●Windows XP  ●CD-RW drive         ●15" LCD Monitor ●Scanner  ●USB Webcam                ●Color printer        ●Laser printer
●International USB IP-telephone P5/min. to landline.